Study Abroad

Would you like the experience of studying abroad and immersing yourself in a new culture that will provide an invaluable experience that you will always remember? You will make friends, build connections and you will learn about the world and become a truly global citizen. Students come from all over the world with an international population of 75 different nationalities.

Do you want to gain the confidence and experience that comes from studying abroad for a semester or one year as part of your degree programme? Our community of learners enjoy a variety of social programmes, where they can interact together and enrich their experienced in College life.


Life in Ireland

Experience one of the safest and friendliest countries in the world. The warmth and friendliness of the Irish people help to ensure that Ireland offers students a unique atmosphere in which to study.


Living in Dublin


The gateway to Europe - Dublin is known as one of Europe’s most beautiful vibrant city. Leisure and entertainment is never far with many restaurants, theatres, music venues, art galleries, pubs and much more…

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Why Dorset College

Students sitting in a park smiling and laughing

At Dorset College we have a long-standing reputation for excellence in Education, based on over thirty five years’ experience providing Academic and Professional programmes with excellent career and academic opportunities. Our graduates work in many of the leading industries in Ireland and abroad.

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Study Programmes Information

Students can select classes from the following programmes:

  • Bachelor of Business (Level 7 QQI)
  • Bachelor of Business in International Business (Level 8 QQI)
  • BSc in Computing & Multimedia (Level 7 QQI)

Please click here for a link to our list of classes


Study Abroad Online Application Form


Dorset College Study Abroad Factsheet


Transfer Credits

  • Transcripts: Official transcripts must be uploaded to Dorset College from the international institution attended and these must be verified
  • Course Descriptions - Official course descriptions for all courses for which an evaluation for transfer credit is desired must be sent directly to Dorset College from the previous institution; We cannot guarantee all classes but will endeavour to meet your requests
  • English Language Translations: If transcripts and associated course descriptions are not originally issued in English, a professional and certified translation is required.

Required Documents:

  • Official Examination Transcripts
  • English Language Test Score results script (If English is not your first language)
  • Copy of your Passport
  • Two academic references

Before you start your application, please ensure that you have all the required documents.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Entry Requirements

  • An online application
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Copy of your passport
  • Statement of financial sponsorship

All Students will need private medical insurance and financial statement for immigration purposes. Please also check your visa requirement carefully before making an application. The details of the immigration process can be found here.

If you come from a country that does not require a visa to enter Ireland then you can use your offer letter to enter the country upon arrival.

If you need a visa you must apply for this first before attempting to travel to Ireland. More information can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Pre-Arrival Guide

Travel and Costs

For real-time information on bus, train and other modes of transport, use the links below:

Dublin Bus
Irish Rail
National Journey Planner

The Journey Planner provides information on train, bus, tram, ferry and taxi services and allows you to get integrated information on all modes of transport services throughout Ireland.


Transportation Costs

The cost of an average journey on a bus in Dublin is about €2.70 and will depend on the number of fare stages travelled. Exact money is needed - no change is given. Dublin Bus pre-paid tickets will save money for regular travel. They can be bought at a discounted price if you obtain a Student Leap Card.

Many students also cycle in Dublin and there are lanes dedicated to bicycles only on some roads. There is also a city bike scheme where you can purchase a card to rent bikes in the city centre and drop of at various docking stations –  Cycling in the city centre can be quite intimidating, particularly at peak times. Many cyclists choose to wear a cycle helmet, although this is not a legal requirement.

Pre-Arrival Guide Book


Arrival & Orientation

We look forward to welcoming you to Dorset College

Arrival and Registration 

Orientation, Events Schedules and Presentations

Orientation Week of Events

Pre-Sessional English


Pre-Sessional English Programme

Fee Schedule

Tuition for Semester Abroad:

EU: €3000* per semester

Non – EU: €4000* per semester

*There are discounts/scholarships available upon the application received.

Please contact: for more information

Accommodation fee: Dorset College has partnerships with accommodation providers nearby. The approximate price is €255 per week for a single room or €150 per week for a double/triple room.



For food, including some meals bought on campus or in cheaper restaurants, you will probably spend between €70 - €100 a week on these items.


Social Life

Cinema tickets cost between €7 - €12 depending on what time and where you see the film. Student discounts are usually available during the week on the production of a student card, but most cinemas do not offer student rates at the weekend and there is no discount at the expensive soft-drink and snack counters!

Entrance fees to nightclubs generally vary between €7 and €15 depending on the venue,

On average, a pint of beer in Dublin costs about €5 - €6 and a glass of wine costs about €6 - €7. However, prices can vary quite significantly between bars.

There are also many free events in Dublin. You can join our facebook groups for more information.


Accommodation and Fees

Arrange your Accommodation

Arrange Airport PickupHost Families

Residence Accommodation in Dublin

Apartments in Dublin

Hotel and Hostel Accommodation

What Students Say

Alun Donnelly

Alun Donnelly

Successfully completing the Bachelor of Business as a mature student was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. It gave me the confidence and the ability to, not only, find the role I have always desired, but to excel in the role and make a success of it. I found the course both satisfying and stimulating due to the fantastic lecturers who were never afraid to challenge you and were always supportive throughout the journey. I, very much, value my degree and feel proud to have achieved it.

Virginia Bordin

Virginia Bordin

I can positively say that Dorset College has helped to make me a competitive professional. I developed a passion to do something I didn't even know I could be so passionate about, and the Computing & Multimedia course showed me that. The thing I admired most was the dedication and support given by the lecturers. They provided me with the guidance needed to achieve excellent results throughout the course. I wouldn't be able to achieve what I have achieved without that supportive environment. Dorset College is a very multi-cultural place, which is very exciting to experience different nationalities and diverse cultures.



I enjoyed the course as there was encouragement coming from all sides. Everyone at the Dorset College from lecturers to admin staffs, IT support staff are incredibly supportive and considerate. The course was very well structured and planned. It has helped me to build on from my previous degree in Information Technology and has made me more confident in my field.

Lecturer Profiles

Anne O’Mahony

Anne O'Mahony

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Matt Murray

Matt Murray

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Irene McGinn

Irene McGinn

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