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Back-end Web Development (Semester 5&6)
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This module builds on Front-end Web Development at Stage two and develops skills essential for producing full-stack web-applications based on widely used frameworks and platforms. Learners will develop an awareness of practical design and development considerations when producing and deploying web-based solutions.


This module will ensure learners meet the following objectives:

  • Create Rich Internet Applications through building back-end server functionality to complement front-end interface to suit end-user needs.
  • Setup and configure an online application server to provide database, authentication and storage services.
  • Write the necessary code on the client and server to allow communication over HTTP-based channels

Develop a full online application showcasing user registration, authentication, personalisation and dynamic requests.

 Rich Media Client

  • Rich media client development and the Java FX library
  • Basic JavaFX application structure
  • JavaFX layouts, widgets and UI components
  • Creating a multimedia multiscreen application

Online Server Setup and Services Configuration

  • Introduction to web servers
  • PHP scripting and coding conventions
  • Web APIs
  • Setup and configure a LAMP server
  • Create a MySQL database
  • Deploying Web applications

Developing a full Client Server Application

  • Use HTTP protocol (POST) to create a client server connection framework
  • Develop a system for user authentication
  • Develop a system for updating user content
  • Retrieve dynamic content from the LAMP server
  • Create a multiscreen rich client application with online functionality
Module Assessment
Continuous Assessment