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This module ensures learners have an understanding of DevOps and how the adoption of agile practices by an organisation ensures efficient and effective delivery of ICT applications and services. The module ensures the learner understands the importance of an agile relationship between software development and ICT operations and aims to show learners how DevOps can change and improve an organisations overall performance.  The module engenders in the learner an appreciation of a collaborative culture within ICT.


  1. Understand history and relevance of DevOps within the computing world and the overall context of an organisation. 
  2. Enable the learner to apply DevOps practices regarding software development and deployment.
  3. Understand the software development lifecycle; development and test to deployment and operations.
  4. Develop a range of skills not limited to a single function.
  5. Build the learners understanding of processes and automation to ensure continuous delivery optimising overall organisational performance.


  • History of DevOps
  • Core concepts
  • Goals and Stakeholders
  • Business value
  • Configuration Management


  • Significance of DevOps as part of a collaborative culture 
  • Key elements of DevOps
  • Implementation of DevOps as part of a culture: opportunities and challenges


  • Teamwork; organisation, autonomy and integration
  • Architecting for DevOps
  • Governance

DevOps Practices

  • Version control 
  • Flow & Feedback
  • Experimentation
  • Constraints
  • Integration, Delivery and Deployment


  • Introduction to processes
  • DevOps in relation to IT Service Management
  • Continuous integration/delivery/deployment/monitoring and feedback
  • Agile and Scrum
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Lean: Metrics and Process’ Optimisation
  • Business Value: Optimisation using story mapping


  • Continuous Delivery: core concepts 
  • Enablers and Benefits
  • DevOps Toolchains
  • Deployment Pipeline


  • Relevance of Measurement
  • Metrics
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Operationalising improvements
Module Assessment
Continuous Assessment