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Module Title
Academic Writing
Module Credits
Module Semester
Module Status
  1. Enable learners to gain the ability to compare the various types of academic essays.
  2. Support learners in planning and generating ideas.
  3. Enable learners to demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills.
  4. Give learners the necessary support that will allow them to produce essays with academic structure, paragraphing, register and style.
  5. Educate learners to identify sources of information to support arguments that reflect the ethical use and citation of secondary information.
  6. Show learners how to apply the Harvard Referencing System.
  1. Essay/ Assignment Writing
  2. Research and Referencing

This module will be delivered from week 5 to week 12 in the first semester through three weekly three-hour lessons. In semester two it will be once per week for 3 hours. A wide range of learning and teaching approaches will be used including lectures, discussion, in-class assignments, self-directed learning, and group work. Learners will be expected to complete final assignment individually, with one to one guidance from their lecturer on how to improve their work.

Module Assessment
Supervised Project