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The objective is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the core statistical principles, including sampling, summary statistics and the nature of variables.  To enable the learner to both understand and apply a variety of common statistical methods (frequency distributions, index numbers, correlation and regression)in analyzing a variety of data.  To provide a framework through which the learner can evaluate statistical results, and use statistics to make predictions.  To provide a focus on connecting statistical theory with implementation of said theory with regard to real world problems which may be encountered in the fields of business and engineering.  To enable the learner to independently assess a data set, decide which statistical tests are appropriate, carry out said tests, and interpret and comment on the results in the framework of an assessment which emulates a real world application.

Unit 1 Introduction to Statistics 
Unit 2 Sampling and Survey Design
Unit 3 Probability Distribution Functions
Unit 4 Index Numbers
Unit 5 Regression and Correlation
Unit 6 Project based Implementation of Statistical Theory

Module Assessment
2 Assignments and Formal Examination