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Module Title
Research & Study Skills
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This module gives the learner the knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively engage with research.  The module introduces learners to acceptable methods of presenting information and findings.  It gives the learner an understanding of the issues surrounding research, both ethical and copyright issues.  It encourages effective strategies for study and exam preparation.

At the end of the module learners will be able to:

  • To demonstrate an understanding of research and experimental methodologies available
  • To gather information from a broad range of sources and present this information in a clear and coherent way.

To identify personal learning styles and develop short to medium learning goals.

Unit 1     Research Skills
               The Learner will be able to:

    1. Planning a strategy for researching a topic
    2. Relevance & methods of research in today’s world
    3. Library based research
    4. Internet based research
    5. Ethics of research
    6. Knowledge of law with respect to copyright and intellectual property
    7. Common referencing methods & implementation
    8. Understanding of primary and secondary sources of research & use of both types
    9. Effective presentation and reporting of raw data
    10. Documenting findings clearly and concisely with the purpose of leading to valid conclusions
    11. Standard format for reports, essays, oral presentations
    12. Understanding the importance of correct writing skills to include grammar, punctuation & relevant vocabulary

Unit 2     Study Skills
               The Learner will be able to:

    1. Understanding various learning styles
    2. Recognising one’s own preferred learning style
    3. Deciding on individual short and medium term learning goals
    4. Developing a plan for achieving learning goals
    5. Getting the most from lectures & practical’s
    6. Effective listening applied
    7. Effective note-taking skills
    8. Coping with challenges & applying methods to overcome them
    9. Strategies for exam preparation
    10. Different ways of reading and their application
    11. Maintaining motivation
    12. Time management strategies
    13. Constructive use of feedback
    14. Sitting exams
Module Assessment
Collection of Work and Skills Demonstration