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The project is a capstone module that provides learners with the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired during the taught elements of this programme. It will allow learners to produce an item of software that is of significant complexity and depth.

Indicative Module Content

  • Students are required to complete a substantial project proposal culminating in the production of an operational software system along with a project report, presentation and demonstration.
  • All projects should contain, at least, the following four elements: Research, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation.
  • To support the project a series of seminars will be given on topics such as Report Writing, Presentation Skills, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Project Management (see Appendix 9)
  • In completing their projects, students are required to work independently, under the supervision of an assigned Project Supervisor, who will provide advice and guidance as required. Students must meet with their Supervisor for 30 minutes each week.
  • The selection of the project must be approved by the Project Supervisor
Module Assessment