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Fun ideas to try from home while social distancing

By Mia M (Dorset International Business Student)

As we all adapt to the new normal of social distancing, here’s a list of fun and creative things to do while working and studying from home!


1. Pick up a new tech skill

With careers gradually becoming more digital, why not add something new to your CV? Coding and Digital Marketing courses are on the rise, and certainly for good reason. Not only are more contemporary jobs requiring a basic knowledge of technology, but a coding bootcamp is a proven way to increase your salary!

2. Virtual game nights and Netflix Watch Parties with friends

Social distancing has encouraged a bit more creativity when planning to hang out with friends and family! Even for those who may not normally play multiplayer games, why not learn a new one? Game and movie nights have quickly become the “go-to” activity to connect with those you miss seeing in person.

3. Peek in on Wildlife

Known as “Wildlife Webcams”, a surprising number of sites around the world have cameras set up to virtually check in on animals and experience them in their natural habitat. The best aspect is that it’s in real-time which is quite entertaining!

4. Take tours of Museums and National Parks

Historic sites are adding 360-degree tours to their online websites and making it quite an immersive experience! This is also useful for remote teachers who would like to take their students on virtual field trips.

5. Journal your 2020 experience

It may sound unbelievable, but due to the ongoing pandemic, we are currently living in an environment that will most certainly be in history books. Taking the time to journal your life, even if it seems mundane may actually be helpful for future historians, you never know. However, journaling is a great way to document your life and what has changed, as well as a motivation to set future goals.

6. Learn a new language

Download apps like Duolingo as an easy way to begin learning a foreign language at your own speed! There are also many instructional Youtube videos that can improve your pronunciation and even the cultural nuances that come with body language and expressions.

I hope these ideas were helpful for battling any boredom while social distancing! The digital learning environment is so full of information, that there are multitudes of free ways to stay creative from the comforts of home. If you create a personal challenge to learn something new every week, the benefits are endless!


About Mia M

Originally from the USA, Mia has lived in Dublin, Ireland for 3 years as a teacher and business student.

She will be attending Grenoble Ecole de Management in September to pursue her graduate degree. In the meantime, Mia keeps up with the latest developments in the business world and writes about her experiences.

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