3 Ways to Improve Professional Development Skills as an Online Student by Mia M

As we navigate through the process of transitioning to an 100% online learning platform, it’s too easy to suddenly feel as though we have an endless amount of free time...and why not? It’s TRUE isn’t it?

Yes, we do have valuable free time, but we are faced with the question as students: “What skills can I easily build up while I’m studying from home?”

Within this blog post, I’ve compiled 3 simple ways to keep our professional development sharp and our mindset ready for that next interview or mentorship opportunity!


1. Stay Active on LinkedIn

In today's business environment, LinkedIn is absolutely invaluable as a resource. It is excellent for anyone interested in a simple way to not only gain credibility as a jobseeker, but to put your profile on the radar of the ideal multinational companies or business leaders you are interested in. ➢ Let’s get started! Start with the Dorset College Dublin link HERE

It is not unheard of for recruiters to now ask for LinkedIn profiles to verify your skills, past employment and achievements. Joining the network is the #1 way to put yourself in the arena of CEOs, Managers and Innovators!


2. Work on Building Soft Skills The World Economic Forum has listed the top skills for 2020 HERE

➢ However, in such a tech-driven world, it’s amazing how vital soft skills are to the workplace. Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration, Adaptability and Time Management are the hardest skills to find for companies. The full Mega Trends report can be found HERE.

As a student, do you feel you possess some or all of these qualities? If so, it is important that you are able to demonstrate this by adding those skills to your profile. Remember, a LinkedIn profile at its core is just a digital CV or resume. If you do not feel you possess these skills yet, that shows your

emotional intelligence to identify personal areas of developments which are #goals for all of us!

3. Identify your leaders…locally.

Who do you admire as a business professional? Perhaps you LOVE a certain brand or organisation?

For so many of us as students, it is very challenging to figure out where we want to be in 5 or 10 years...Next week might seem just as unclear!

- As a helpful tip for growing in professional development here at home, look into the LinkedIn profiles of employees or managers of your favorite organisations. You’ll notice that many professionals start out in Internships and as Assistants. Strive for online opportunities to intern locally.

- Are you hoping to attend a certain university for your post-grad? Ask Alumni of universities their thoughts on a program you may be interested in! Add them to your network and look for digital conferences that you can be involved in from the comfort of your home.


I hope that you were able to find this article helpful for ways you can improve your professional development--all from your laptop!

Mia M


Mia M

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Originally from the USA, Mia has lived in Dublin, Ireland for 3 years as a teacher and business student. 

She will be attending Grenoble Ecole de Management in September to pursue her graduate degree. In the meantime, Mia keeps up with the latest developments in the business world and writes about her experiences.