CAO Applicants / Mature Applicants

CAO Courses at Dorset College
Information is available on the CAO Handbook (page 38)  The CAO System applies only to applicants for first year admissions to undergraduate full-time day programmes. The individual CAO codes, entry requirements and other relevant details are outlined in the courses below.  The Application Forms and the CAO Handbook 2016 are both available from the Central Applications Office (CAO), Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway.  For further details contact Admissions: (01) 8309677 or email:

The following courses are through the CAO System:  
Business Programmes
Higher Certificate in Business Level 6  CAO Code: DS 601
Bachelor of Business Level 7 (Ordinary Degree)  CAO Code: DS 701

Computing & Multimedia
Certificate in Science in Computing & Multimedia Level 6  CAO Code: DS 603
Higher Certificate in Science in Computing & Multimedia Level 6  CAO Code: DS 602
Bachelor of Science in Computing & Multimedia Level 7  CAO Code: DS 702

The closing date for applications through the Central Applications Office (CAO is 1st February 2016 although CAO will accept late applications up to the 1st May 2016.   For details contact: 01) 8309677

Mature Applicants
Applicants over 23 years of age on the 1st of January on the year of admission who do not meet the minimum entry requirements, may apply as a Mature Student.  Mature students should apply directly to the Admissions Office at Dorset College (+ 353 1 8309677 or email:  Mature students are assessed on the basis of age, work experience, general education standard, motivation and commitment to the programme for which they are applying.

Please forward documentation such as any relevant transcripts, a CV or any other related documentation to the Admissions Office. Proof of age such as a copy of driver's licence or passport must also be submitted.