For Guidance Counsellors

Information for Guidance Counsellors
At Dorset College we aim to provide Guidance Counsellors in Secondary Schools and Colleges with information on the programmes of study for post leaving certificate students.  We are committed to ensuring that our students are afforded the opportunity to develop their full potential in a professional and supportive environment. 

We provide learners with the opportunity to build their qualifications through a career path that meets their interests and aspirations in their chosen career.

Information for School Leavers
We host a number of Open Days throughout the year and the details of these are listed on:  News & Events.   Students can meet the Admission and Academic staff to discuss their area of interest and the opportunities that it will present. 

As part of the open day they will also have the opportunity to meet some of our current students who will provide them with an insight into life at Dorset College.   It will also present the opportunity to view our facilities.

We will provide assistance and information to Career Guidance, Teachers and Parents as required.  Our website will provide the information on our programmes of study which are accredited by: QQI and by international bodies that provide rewarding career paths.

Career Fairs
We are represented at Career Fares and Events where you can meet our School Liaison team who will provide you with information on the programmes of study options available at Dorset College.

We would be delighted to visit your school and present the Students with the study options available, the facilities and student life in general at Dorset College.    + 353 1 8309677