Student Services

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Our dedicated student service team provides guidance and support on academic, cultural and personal related matters in a timely and effective manner. The team provides the required information to students and the supports required between teachers and staff to meet the needs of learners. All students are provided with a student handbook that includes relevant information about the college and their course of study.

We provide academic support to all our full-time and part-time students in their academic studies. Information is provided on access to medical, emergency and legal services. We provide international learners with information on student visas, working in Ireland, accommodation and related matters are also provided. It is important to us that our students have a rewarding and fulfilling experience, both personally and academically so that they can focus on studying and enjoying college life.

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Mon-Thurs: 9.00-17.00
Friday: 09.00 – 16.00


The Library Services at Dorset College provides access to our well stocked Library. It is located on the second floor at No 7 Belvedere Place Campus (Basement Room). The library is accessible at all times during college hours, selected personnel will be available at designated times posted in the library. Learners also have access to computers in the library. The Librarian will support you.

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Computer Labs

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Learners have timetabled access to Computer Labs located at No 8 Belvedere Place Campus (811, 821 and 831) each week. This facilitates the completion of curriculum vitae, course work and job search for those seeking part or full time JOBS.

Free WI-FI is availble through all buildings. Computer access is also available in the Library.

WIFI: Details of wireless internet access is available from reception.

Examination Information

The Examination Office manages all aspects of the examination process for accredited programmes of study. Learners are provided with a Student Handbook which outlines the procedures for examinations and other relevant information at the beginning of their course. Learners are advised to familiarise themselves with the structure, content and requirements of their course, all of which are available on the website.

The Examinations office is located at 8 Belvedere Place, Dublin 1.

For information or queries on the areas below send your request to the Examination Administrator - click here

Examination Management

Exam Timetables

Exam Centre Organisation and Seating

Examination Invigilation

Support for exam candidates requiring alternative arrangements

Exam queries

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Counselling Service

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A person may find themselves in a place at some point in their life where they could benefit from the help that Counselling /Psychotherapy can offer. There may be times in life when we keep repeating a negative pattern no matter how much we try to avoid it, when life becomes a bit overwhelming, when it all seems a bit too much, when we are not sure where to turn for help and support. Through Counselling/Psychotherapy a person can develop the capacity to resolve emotional, personal and relationship issues. Counselling/Psychotherapy can enable a person to develop a greater sense of self, self-awareness and new insights, which in turn can help a person to make encouraging and valued changes in their lives.

Career Guidance

We provide support and guidance to empower learners to make informed career decisions so that they can maximize their personal and professional development. A career guidance counsellor is available at designated times to during the year.

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We understand that accommodation is a very important part of your stay while attending our courses. Every individual has different requests and to meet the requirement needs of our students we have a number of accommodation preferences available as follows:


Host Families

Carefully chosen and approved Irish host families. You will find a welcoming home that offers you warmth and security and have a comfortable room of your own, with space for study.


Residence Accommodation in Dublin

Our residences are located within walking distance of the college and convenient to all modes of public transport (Dart, Luas, Bus, and Train) and City Centre. We provide the best residence accommodation possible to our students.


Apartments in Dublin

We all know that looking for accommodation in Dublin is not easy; we will assist you in the whole process and inform you of the best options for individual cases. Apartment accommodation can be found in Single or Shared Room options. We advise looking for this type of accommodation once you are in Dublin.

Where to look for Apartment Accommodation in Dublin?

There are also plenty of Facebook Groups where you can find apartment accommodation.


Hotel and Hostel Accommodation

We work closely with a number of carefully selected Hotels and Guest Houses to offer some excellent nightly and weekly rates. This type of accommodation is perfect for students coming for short-term or travelling on a budget.