Career and Academic Progression

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A crucial decision for many students when they complete an education programme is determining what they should do next. At Dorset College we recognise the importance of this decision for students, and we endeavor to provide the necessary supports to help students determine their next steps.

Whether it is career support or continuing their education journey, Dorset College will help its students to make the right choice for them. We will be happy to discuss possible career options from our various programmes, and the subsequent education options available both in Dorset College and elsewhere.

National Framework of Qualifications

The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) provides a structure (a framework) to compare and contrast the level and standard of different qualifications. This helps you to make informed decisions about your qualification choices and to consider progression opportunities available to you. The NFQ, illustrated by the “fan diagram” is a system of ten levels with each based on specific standards of knowledge, skill and competence. Dorset College offers courses leading to QQI awards at level 5 & 6 and also QQI awards at Level 6 (Higher Certificate), Level 7 (Ordinary Bachelor Degree) Level 8 (Honours Degree).

National Framework of Qualifications Graph


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For Employers we provide a Free Vacancy Advertisement Service to our Students. Please fill in the Enquiry Form with details of position offered, location and any other details you feel are relevant.

Career Guidance and Support

We offer a wide variety of education programmes – from short, professional programmes that focus on a very specific area, to degree programmes of a broader scope. Students who study at Dorset College have the option of continuing their educational journey with us if they so wish. Dorset College is proud of the broad array of educational programmes that it provides. However, it also recognises that students may wish to continue their educational journey in a programme area that it does not offer. We will be happy to discuss with our students the various options available to them in other educational institutes.

We provide support and guidance to empower learners to make informed career decisions so that they can maximize their personal and professional development. A career guidance counselor is available at designated times during the year. Whether someone is looking to progress onto Master’s level from one of our undergraduate programmes, or looking for a professional programme that we do not currently offer, Dorset College will provide as much assistance as it can to help the student make the best decision for them.