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This one year International Foundation in Business has a direct pathway to an Irish University degree programme.  International Learners will acquire the foundation knowledge skills and competence required to successfully participate and embark on a degree programme alongside their Irish counterparts. 

This course will enable learners to maximise their potential, acquiring a broad range of knowledge and key skills for academic research and enquiry. 

The Benefits of this Valuable Qualification       

  • Gain the practical skills, knowledge and competence required to make a successful transition to an Irish University.
  • Gain the academic and professional skills required to pursue business degrees and/or related programmes.
  • Gain the academic and professional English language skills required for entry to business degree programmes.
  • Demonstrate a broad range of research and communication skills and tools.
  • Utilise and apply a range of academic research, investigative and evaluative skills.
  • Participate effectively in personal and group study using the tools and strategies of formal higher education.
  • Introduce learners to the tools and methods of lifelong learning and study.
  • Learner extend their mathematical skills, master selected new mathematics concepts and broaden their mathematical problem solving skills
  • Gain specific academic orientation in Business in subjects such as Business Administration and Applied Economics.
  • Introduce Learners to statistical procedures and provide them with the skills to compile, present and interpret data.
  • Gain internet and information technology knowledge and skills and apply as a communication and research tool.
  • Provide a planned experiential learning activity that involves learners preparing and planning for entry to Higher Education, participating in a structured programme of educational guidance with taster activities in Higher Education, and reviewing and evaluating that experience.

Learner seeking entry to this programme must have one of the following to gain admission:

Level 4 Certificate, Leaving Certificate, A Level or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences
International Applicants must have completed high school
IELTS level 5.0 / TOPEFL 500 or equivalent for second language speakers of English.

The validation of such international qualifications will be confirmed in accordance with the QQI Quality & Qualifications Ireland and/or the based NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre

This Foundation in Business Course will provide the practical skills, knowledge and competence required to make a successful transition to an Irish University.   A credit value of 120 applies to this course  = 8 Modules.

International Foundation in Business
Unit Code     Mandatory Modules                                                    Credit Value    
5N1833 Mathematics 15
5N3113 Research and Study Skills 15
5N2985 Personal and Professional Development 15
5N1367 Teamworking 15
5N2066 Statistics 15
5N1610 Business  Administration Skills 15
5N1350 Applied Economics 15
  Oprional Modules / Select one from the following:  
5N1358 Word Processing 15
5N1611 Internet 15

A combination of module appropriate assessment procedures will facilitate the assessment of learning outcomes of this course. These methods will include a combination of final written examinations and continuous assessment processes such as assignments, collection of work, learner records, projects and skills demonstration.QQI Quality and Qualifications Ireland

General Studies Level 5 Major Award  (5M3114)
Awarded by: (QQI) Quality & Qualifications Ireland
A total credit value of 120 is required for this certification - 8 Modules.

For any one of the 9 Modules learners will receive a Minor Award for each module that they successfully complete.

Award Grades: Pass 50-64%  /  Merit 65-79%  /  Distinction 80-100%
IELTS Certificate

Protection of Enrolled Learners
The Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 Part 6 requires that all programmes of 3 months or more duration have in place arrangements for the Protection of Enrolled Learners to ensure learners have the opportunity to complete their programme of study. Dorset College has made arrangements with at least two other providers to comply with this legal obligation. To read the QQI policy document on the protection of Enrolled Learners click on the link below.

Graduates who have successfully completed this Foundation in Business course are eligible for consideration for academic progression routes in Universities and Institutes of Technology in Ireland.

Dorset College has agreed direct pathways for the Foundation Programme in Business with the following Institutes of Technology and Universities in Ireland:

NUI Maynooth  Dublin Institute of Technology
Athlone Institute of Technology  Institute of Technology Carlow 
Dundalk Institute of Technology Limerick Institute of Technology 
National College of Ireland Waterford Institute of Technology

Carmen Mihaela Maritan lectures in Business Statistics & Mathematics, General Mathematics and Physics at Dorset College.  She has seven years lecturing and teaching experience at 6, 7 and 8 honours degree level. She has significant experience in “Water Resources Engineering “, carrying out research on Water resources and Water Management.  She wrote published articles on Soil and Water Pollution.  Carmen studied for BSc in Civil Engineering Bucharest, for Masters and Doctoral degree in Water Resource Engineering at Faculty of Hydrotechnics Bucharest and “Pierre et Marie Curie” University Paris. She also studied  for BSC in Education and Training DCU Dublin.

Colm Cunneen B.A, M.A is an English teacher with over seven years experience and five years experience teaching IELTS classes at Dorset College. Colm has a wide range of teaching experience teaching communications, child psychology and on psychotherapy courses. He values a skills approach to the IELTS exam where students learn how to do each part of the exam so they can get the best possible score with their level of English. Colm works with each students individual language problems to help them to reach and go beyond their expectations. He has taught students from a wide range of nationalities such as Oman, Brazil, France and Saudi Arabia. This has helped him to hone in on the specific language problems of each nationality in order to help students to improve.

Colm has also taught English teachers in Spain how to teach English in a more communicative way. This experience allowed him to increase his awareness of teachers and students needs which has strengthened his focused approach to the IELTS preparation and English language teaching.

Fergus Moore, studied for a B.A. in English Literature at University College Dublin and a MSc. Dublin Institute of Technology. He is presently studying for a PhD. in Public Sector Management. He is the programme leader for the Bachelor of Business at Dorset College and he lectures in Management, Communications and Marketing. Fergus has extensive Lecturing and teaching experience ranging from teaching dis-advantaged teenagers to lecturing at degree level. Fergus’ Industry experience includes independent management consultancy in Ireland, England and Australia in Financial IT systems consultancy and Project Management & Process Training.  Interests and Activities include: enjoys reading and cinema.

Eugene Lynch: BSc in Computer Science / MSc Health Informatics
Eugene lectures in Computer application and Business IT at Dorset College.  Eugene is also a Cisco expert. Eugene has more than 30 years lecturing and teaching experience up to MSc dissertation supervision level in the Institute of Technology sector. His private sector experience involved working as an IT consultant in Melbourne, Australia, and Kuwait specialising in financial systems. Eugene studied for a BSC in Computer Science in Essex University and a Masters in Health Informatics in Trinity College, Dublin.

Sharon Dillon Lyons (B.A / MA Masters in Journalism / LLB)
Sharon lectures in Business Law at Dorset College. Sharon has a large amount of lecturing experience at Level 7 and 8 honours degree level. Significant experience in administration, journalism and legal profession. Sharon is a practising Barrister at Law in the Kings Inn in Dublin. Sharon studied for her B.A in the University of Galway where she also studied for a masters in Journalism and her LLB.

Rachel Ramirez Ward (B.A / MA Masters in Organisational Behaviour)
Rachel  lectures in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources at Dorset College. Rachel has worked as a lecturer and facilitator, with specialist experience in teaching international students from the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Rachel’s industrial experience covers the Business, Education, and Training sector as a training administrator and management consultant. Rachel studied for a B.A in Columbia University, NYC and for a Masters in Organisational Behaviour at Trinity College Dublin.

Course Details

International Foundation in Business [Full-Time]

Start Dates: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9/18/17 to 5/19/18

Code 5M3116-BS
Duration 30 weeks
Price €9,950.00
Non EU Cost €9,950.00
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