Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Care, Health and Education

Healthcare & Childcare Education

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  • Entry Requirements
  • Principal Areas of Study
  • Learning Outcomes
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Letterkenny Institute of Technology in Collaboration with Dorset College are offering the following:  

Programme Title Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Care, Health and Education
National Framework Level   7
Award Type Major Award
Awarding Body LYIT, under Delegated Authority from QQI
Places 10/24 places available

Is this Course for You?
The aim of this Programme is to prepare competent, knowledgeable and accountable early years practitioners, who can provide holistic, systematic care and education for children from 0 to 6 years, which will take place in a variety of childcare services that reflect  the increasingly culturally diverse social system.  The graduate will contribute to childrens' development, lifelong health and well-being, providing a foundation for success at school. 

The programme will also contribute to the academic and professional development of early childcare practitioners in order that they will make an enhanced contribution to the care and development of children.

The programme will provide an opportunity for professional development by supporting and facilitating the synthesis of knowledge, work experience expertise and skills in the development of proficient practice.  The knowledge gained will be evidence-based and aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice.  Work placements, therefore, are an integral part of the course, enhancing the use of specialist knowledge in practice, recognising the reciprocal relationship between theory, practice, research and knowledge development.

For further Information:

How to Apply

To arrange an Interview with the Programme Leader, please contact:
Maggie Keane at 01 8309677 or e-mail

OR  E-Mail:

All interviews are held at 8 Belvedere Place, Dublin 1

Alternative Contact:

Contact: Mr Cathal Kearney, Dorset College, 8 Belvedere Place, Dublin 1
Telephone: (01) 86 309677

Letterkenny Institute of Technology Contact details.

Contact:  Dr. Louise McBride, Head of Department of Nursing and Health Studies, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
Telephone:  (074) 9186303


Minimum Entry Requirements

Have obtained the QQI Early Childhood Care & Education Level 6 Major Award at least 1-year work experience in childcare/ relevant setting and to be presently working in an Early Childhood setting will allow entry into year 2 of the 3 year degree.

Garda Vetting
Applicants who join this course will have to be vetted by the Gardaí. If the Gardaí raise an issue it will have to be addressed satisfactorily. If it is not, students will not be able to fulfil the course requirements, in which case students will be asked to leave the course. Students will also be vetted prior to placement by the relevant placement provider.



What will I study?

Learners will complete the Modules outlined below and also work placement. This Placement is an integral part of the programme and provides students with an opportunity to learn from experience through supervised practice. Experiential learning in this way provides opportunities to reflect on practice and to apply theory to practice. The work placement also provides the student with opportunities for observation and engagement in needs assessment, early childhood curriculum planning and implementation.

In addition to the modules listed below, workshops and seminars may be held.

Year/Semester Proposed Modules Mandatory/
No of Credits Delivery
Culture and Contemporary Issues Mandatory 5 1 Friday and 1 Saturday
Research Process & Methods Mandatory 5 1 Friday and 1 Saturday
Developmental Psychology Mandatory 10 2 Friday's and 2 Saturday's
Communications in the Early Years Mandatory 10 1 evening per week X 13 weeks
During the Academic Year Placement Mandatory 30 30 hours per week for 12 weeks
3/4 Creativity in the Early Years Mandatory 5 1 Friday and 1 Saturday
Child Health & Disability Mandatory 10 1 evening per week X 11 weeks
4/4 Children & Families Support Mandatory 10 1 Friday and 1 Saturday
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment Mandatory 10 1 evening per week X 13 weeks
During the Academic Year Placement Mandatory 30 30 hours per week for 12 weeks

This schedule may be subject to change

On completion of this programme the student will be able to:

  • Promote educational development and health and well-being in children whom they care for.
  • Empower the child, family and wider community.
  • Function as independent practitioners accountable for their practice.
  • Update and develop professional standards applying evidence-based practice to the care of children.
  • Contribute to the health and well-being, identity and belonging, communication, exploratory and thinking needs of children.
  • Select, evaluate and apply evidence-based practice in order to positively influence childcare.
  • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate childcare interventions to meet the physical, psychological, social, and educational needs of children.
  • Identify health related learning needs of children, family and friends in order to devise effective health promotion programmes.
  • Contribute as a member, or leader of, a childcare team and utilise where necessary the expertise of other professions.
  • Evaluate the influence of social, political and cultural factors in relation to early childhood care and education.
  • Develop the skills required to become autonomous learners so that they can participate fully in their own professional development.

Career Opportunities
The Childcare Act (1991) and ensuing regulation of early childhood care and education together with other national initiatives has created a strong demand for graduates of childcare studies who are able to work across traditional disciplinary and professional boundaries. Consequently, childcare and education is a rapidly expanding service that is providing career and further educational opportunities for graduates.

The main employers are:
Private Sector Childcare Facilities such as crèches, nurseries, playgroups, pre-schools, homework clubs;
The Health Services – special needs services, family support services and community services
Primary Schools – classroom assistant;
Other Public Services – specialist advisor, researcher, social planning.

 Follow-on Courses
Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Science course at the required standard are eligible to apply for entry into the add-on Honours Degree programme which is available at LYIT or through a range of other Institutes of Technology and Universities in Ireland and abroad.

The course fees for the BSc Degree in Early Childhood Care, Health and Education Level 7 are €3250.00 per year.

  • To secure your place on this course a deposit of €350.00 Applies
  • The balance is paid in instalments; personal payment plans compiled.

BSc Childcare Schedule

How to Apply

To arrange an Interview with the Programme Leader, please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

Work Experience

Work placement will take place during the academic year - see schedule for details. If a student is already working full time in Early Childcare/Montessori then his/her normal working hours will suffice for 'work placement'

Will students attend the Letterkenny Institute of Technology for Lecturers

Students will attend LYIT - see schedule for details - it will involve attending on a Friday and all day Saturday.

Travel & Accommodation Costs

All costs in relation to travel and accommodation is the responsibility of the student - course fee schedule is outlined above. 

Course Details

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Care, Health and Education [Part-Time]

Start Dates: Wednesday from 9/26/18 to 10/4/19

Price €3,250.00
Non EU Cost €3,250.00
Comments Course Fee: €3250.00 per year. Students pay a deposit of €350.00 to secure a place on the course,which is deducted from the full course fee. The balance is due in instalments; personal payment plans compiled.

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