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This Intensive General English GE2 language course, 22.5 (45 minute) lessons per week, is structured to provide a solid grounding and improvement in the core English language and communication skills of English.  This course is taken over five mornings (with the General English GE1) and three afternoons.  The afternoon is devoted to developing fluency covering the four main skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Students wishing to focus on improving their oral fluency can discuss and debate a wide variety of topics whilst being facilitated, motivated and corrected by an experienced native sspeaker.  It also gives the student the opportunity to further build on their vocabulary and put into practice what has been learned in the morning class.

The social programme provides the student the opportunity to attend out-of-class activities and to explore Dublin. 

This intensive English language course is open to students from beginners to advanced levels and focuses on a communicative approach to learning.  It is a combination of our morning group English classes and our afternoon elective classes.

This is intended for students wishing to rapidly improve their level of English.  The focus of the elective English classes will be on grammar, vocabulary, writing, conversation, pronunciation and intercultural matters. Innovative and stimulating activities will promote and accelerate learning in these specific target areas of language acquisition.

Each student is met personally and welcomed by our Director of Studies and staff when they arrive at Dorset College.  On the first day each students will attend an induction where they are introduced to new students and staff in a relaxed and informal setting.  We are here to assist you in whatever way possible and so ensure that your stay is a pleasant and fulfilling one in the college and in Dublin.  You are given a welcome pack which includes bus and train information, maps and relevant information about your stay in Dublin and Ireland.

The students’ range of skills will be tested on the first day with the school and further assessed after the first week to ensure that they are placed at the correct level.

We offer classes at six internationally recognised levels as follows:

A1.1 (beginner)  A1.2 (elementary) A2 (pre-intermediate) B1 (intermediate) B2 (upper-intermediate) C1 (advanced)

 Students Entry Test 

  • The placement test on arrival will allows us to accurately determine your current level of English
  • The test consists of a multiple choice questionnaire and an oral test with the Director of Studies..
  • Students’ level of progression may vary, depending on the initial level of aptitude and application.
  • All students are monitored closely by their teachers to ensure that they are always at the correct learning level

Sample Learning Outcomes
Students benefit from the most up-to-date teaching materials comprising  an appropriate core textbook, teacher-designed content and input from authentic sources with accompanying digital teaching materials for the interactive whiteboards in classrooms.

Pre-Intermediate Learning Outcomes – A2
At the end of this week learners can:
Speaking Talk about themselves and familiar people.
Talk about familiar places and experiences.
Ask for basic information and respond accordingly.
Writing Write short descriptions about familiar people, places and experiences.
Understand and correct common errors
Listening Complete information in a table
Respond  to a variety of questions using present tenses, past simple and going to + verb
Reading Scanning a short text.
Predicting information
Grammar Review of tenses: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple and Continous and Going to + verb
Question formation : Questions Words
Lexis Words with more than one meaning
Adjectives and common prepositions
Pronunciation Word Stress
Intonation when asking questions
Phonetic Symbols

International students on the 25-week academic programme are required to take the TIE (Test of Interactive English) examination or an equivalent upon completion of their course.  This is a requirement of their visa conditions. Although non-visa students are not obliged to take an end-of-course exam, it is recommended that they do so.  Students are encouraged to take a TIE exam or a Cambridge Exam appropriate for their level.

It must be emphasised that the GE1 programme classes are not specifically tailored for Cambridge Examination preparation; however, if a student wishes to prepare for an exam whilst undertaking their GE1 course, every effort is made on behalf on the school to assist and facilitate the student in successfully completing  the exam. We have exam preparation materials available on loan to the student and the Director of Studies personally assists any student who requests assistance with exam preparation.

Students are also tested throughout the course both through formative and summative assessment methods. Students are prepared and helped in class by their teachers  in order to complete their logbooks for the TIE exam at the end of their course.  The Director of Studies also holds TIE preparation inductions for new students once a month and checks each logbook individually before a student takes the exam.

Why Study English in Dublin
Set like a jewel, between the Dublin mountains and the Irish Sea, Dublin is known as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.  Culture and music are everywhere. It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with many restaurants, theatre, music venues, art galleries and much more. Students can enjoy traditional Irish food, good music and easy access to the lovely countryside. The weather is temperate, never too hot or cold. These factors together with the warmth and friendliness of the Irish people help to ensure that Dublin offers students a unique atmosphere in which to study.

Free Jobs Club
Job Seeking Skills CV Preparation Interview Techniques Personal Skills Audit Personal Marketing Skills & Presentation Skills etc

Our Social Programme
To ensure that students have a memorable experience we organise social and cultural events that include:

Free Orientation, Quick City Walk
Off Campus Trip such as Kilmainham Gaol, IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art) and The Chester Beatty Library
Free Film Club: The opportunity to view movies in English
Free Book Club: a text is discussed providing a great opportunity for informal conversation
Free Irish Culture Lessons, The Story and Music of U2
Free vocabulary lessons
Free Dance Classes: Irish and Salsa Dancing

We also organise day trips for students at a reasonable cost so you can explore Ireland as well.

Sample Intensive Time Table                                                         (LINK TO ACCOMMODATION)

TIME            Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
9.00- 9.45 Level testing Grammar & syntax Reading Grammar & syntax Reading
9:45-10:30 Class allocation Vocabulary development Listening Vocabulary development Listening
10.30-10.45 Break Break Break Break Break
10:45-11:30 Writing–informal notes, e-mails and texting LWriting-Formal letters & e-mails Writing essays Writing reports Writing-Responding to authentic input

social situations

Speakingformal situations Speaking asking & answering Speaking presenting Weekly test
12.15-1.00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1.00-14.30 Skills development or exam preparation Skills development or exam preparation Excursion Skills development or exam preparation Free afternoon for self-study
14.30 Break Break   Break  
14.45-15.45 Skills development or exam preparation Skills development or exam preparation Excursion Skills development or exam preparation Free afternoon for self-study