Dorset College 2015 Graduation!

The 2015 is a special graduation for Dorset in that it is the first time in Dorset College’s 32-year history that we have graduates gaining QQI awards at Bachelor and Honours Bachelor level.
The event, held in Croke Park for our Healthcare  and Nursing graduates, our Pre-Masters and Foundation programme graduates, our Computing graduates, Business degree and Honours Business degree graduates gathered around with their family and friends.
The Early Childhood Care and Education including Montessori & Supervision, Special Needs had a more intimate graduation held in Gresham Hotel.

As part of the ceremony, we were honoured to have charismatic guests speakers like John Lonergan, Colette Clabby and Fergus Finlay. They delivered real world insights that had our guests talking well after the event.
The 2015 graduation was a day full of excitement, joy and celebration, as the college community celebrated the class of 2015 and their achievements, together with their families and friends.
 To the Dorset College Class of 2015, we salute you, be proud of your achievements to date, continue to apply yourself to work hard, have fun, enjoy life as you make your own way in the world.
Make sure to keep in touch whether you do that through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email,  or by joining us for further  study, remember: you’re part of the family, and you’ll always be welcome.

Oh, and don’t forget to smile J

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