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Accounting Technician (Final 4 Papers)

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This course is for those who have completed Year 1 of the ACCA Accounting Technician Course.

The ACCA Accounting Technician Qualification is the first step in ACCA's lifelong learning path.  The second year of the ACCA-CAT course will complete the modules required for this qualification.  It will provide graduates with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to provide competent accounting support to business managers in all aspects of the financial sector.  It will provide a wide range of career opportunities in many different contexts and excellent academic progression.

We Provide the following:

  • A dynamic structured & supportive environment
  • Team of experienced & highly qualified ACCA lecturers.
  • Designed to ensure students maximise their opportunity for results.
  • Small class sizes guaranteed with personal support.
  • Excellent facilities and a unique campus atmosphere.
  • Centrally located with easy access to all transport networks.

Registration directly with ACCA online:
ACCA Connect Telephone: 01 4475678
ACCA Connect Address: 2 Central Quay, 89 Hydepark Street, Glasgow G3 8BW

Learners will have completed some or all of year 1 of the Accounting Technician CAT Qualification 
Important to have a good standard of English -  IELTS 5.0 or equivalent TOEFL score is acceptable for applicants whose first language is not English.


Modules Units

Management Accounting (FMA)
To develop the knowledge and ability to apply appropriate management accounting concepts and foundations in accountancy techniques for decision making, planning and control including forecasting techniques, the preparation of budgets and standard costs and performance measurement.
Financial Accountant (FFA)
To develop knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles and concepts relating to financial accounting and technical proficiency in the use of double-entry accounting techniques including the preparation of basic financial statements.
Foundations in Taxation (FTX)
To develop the core knowledge of the underlying principles and the major technical areas of taxation, as they affect the activities of individuals and businesses, at a level appropriate for someone working at technician level. Having covered the core areas of the basic taxes, candidates should be able to compute tax liabilities, explain the basis of their calculations, complete the tax returns and identify the compliance issues for each major tax through a variety of business and personal scenarios and situations.
Foundations in Financial Management (FFM)
To examine all aspects of cash and working capital management, and to develop an understanding of the sources of short and long-term finance. To develop the knowledge and understanding of the way organisations finance their operations and plan, allocate and control resources to optimise returns.

Accounting Technician Brochure

Assessment & Award/s
ACCA is assessed by formal examinations for all papers.  Dorset College is a registered CBE (Computer Based Exam) Centre. Sudents registered with ACCA may take Computer Based Examinations for Papers 1-7 in Dorset College at scheduled times.

On successful completion of the ACCA Certified Accounting Technician examinations, you will receive an invitation to become a Certified Accounting Technician. In order to obtain the qualification and use the designatory letters Certified Accounting Technician CAT after your name, you must also satisfy the appropriate practical financial work experience requirement (1 Year) and online ethics exam.

ACCA Certified Accounting Technician CAT
On completion of Papers: in Year 1 & 2 +1 Year Work Experience +
Compulsory Module: Foundations in Professionalism and Ethics to be completed online

Compulsory Module: Foundations in Professionalism and Ethics to be completed online
Students taking the ACCA Diploma in Accounting & Business or the ACCA Accounting Technician Qualifications are required to complete Foundations in Professionalism. This is an online, interactive module, designed to help learners develop their understanding of what it means to act professionally and ethically in the work carry they out.

You can complete Foundations in Professionalism before or after completing the exam component of the qualification you are aiming to achieve and you only need to successfully complete this module once, even if you decide to complete one or more of the qualification.  There is no set time allocated to completing Foundations in Professionalism. It is advisable to complete the module at your own pace to allow you to reflect on what you have learnt.

Students are responsible for the payment of registration fees which are made directly to ACCA.  All candidates MUST be registered with ACCA and hold a valid ACCA registration ID card prior to being entered for the online examinations (CBE’s.)  Registration for Paper-based Examinations is made directly with ACCA. Textbooks will be required for each subject and full details will be given on enrolment.

If you wish to take part in specific paper-based examination sessions, please click on the link below for detailed information.

Registration directly with ACCA online:  
ACCA Connect contact detail: Telephone: 01 4475678
ACCA Connect Address:  2 Central Quay, 89 Hydepark Street, Glasgow G3 8BW

The Accounting Technician Course offers superb career opportunities in many different contexts. It provides a clearly defined career path with excellent academic opportunities.

ACCA Accounting Technician qualification provides the knowledge and understanding required to work in accounting support roles in all aspects of the financial sector and is an ideal introduction into accountancy.

Benefits of ACCA Professional Qualifications

  • Gain a Professional Qualification and work in Accounting and Finance support roles
  • Gain the skills that offer a clearly defined career path with excellent academic progression
  • Gain highly regarded qualifications that provide an ideal introduction into accountancy
  • Gain an internationally recognised qualification with global opportunities
  • Completion of the ACCA-CAT Course offers automatic transfer to Paper F4 of the ACCA Qualification.

Progression Opportunities

  • Progression to the 2nd year of the ACCA Qualification and the option to complete  the Honours BSc in Applied Accounting awarded by Oxford Brooks University
  • Gain the ACCA Diploma in Accounting & Business by completing Papers FMA & FAB

John Kilcoyne B.A., ACA,AITI, ADIFRS

John is a chartered accountant and chartered tax consultant. He has over 14 years experience across the finance function in both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. His innovative approach to lecturing is structured to maximise the student's learning experience and optimise the student's exam success.

He draws on a broad range of lecturing experience, having previously delivered on business and mathematical programmes for the Open University, the Communications and Management Institute, as well as postgraduate lecturing at Dublin City University. John successfully completed an advanced diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards in 2008 to copper fasten both his domestic and international accounting expertise. He is currently undertaking an international taxation programme with the Chartered Institute of Taxation (UK).

Seamus Farrell B. Comm.  H. Dip in Ed.

Seamus is an accounting, economics and business studies teacher with over thirty eight years’ experience of  teaching and sixteen years teaching at Dorset College.  Seamus has a wide range of teaching experiences.  The first twenty one years at secondary level teaching all the business subjects and mathematics, then the following seventeen years teaching a wide variety of business subjects with over ten years specialising in ACCA courses (with some outstanding results).   His philosophy is summed up in the phrase ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’.  He believes that teaching is made up of two main elements, first preparation – generally an extensive set of class notes are prepared, and then the performance is delivered in the class room based on the aforesaid preparation. 

His experience enables him to prepare students for the examinations they face, guiding them through the process, instilling confidence that they have the knowledge and are aware of what the examiners are looking for in their answers.  Over the years Seamus has taught students from a wide range of nationalities which makes him sensitive to the difficulties that such students may encounter.

Having grown up in a family business, Seamus also brings a practical background to academic studies.  He is still involved in preparing accounts, vat returns and tax returns for that business and some selected clients.  He also spends some time doing some general administration duties.

ACCA Time Table Start: 29 Sept. ACCA Certified Accounting Technician (Year 2)  2014
Paper 6 Management Accounting (FMA)
Paper 7 Financial Accountant (FFA)
Paper 8 Foundation in Financial Management (FFM)
Paper 9 Foundations in Taxation (FTX)
Compulsory Module: Foundations in Professionalism and Ethics to be completed online once
Evening 18.30-21.30 p.m .Monday & Wednesday up to 04 April 2015

Modules Term 1: Management Accounting & Financial Accounting

Month Monday: Paper 6   Month Wednesday: Paper 7
29 Sept. Management Accounting 01 October Financial Accounting
06 October Management Accounting 08 October Financial Accounting
13 October Management Accounting 15 October Financial Accounting
20 October Management Accounting 22 October Financial Accounting
27 October Bank Holiday (Class in Lieu 08/12) 29 October Financial Accounting
03 November Management Accounting 05 October Financial Accounting
10 November Management Accounting 12 October Financial Accounting
17 November Management Accounting 19 October Financial Accounting
24 November Management Accounting 26 October Financial Accounting
01 December Management Accounting 03 December Financial Accounting
08 December*  Mock Exam 15/12 10 December Financial Accounting
15 December Management Accounting End of term 1 on 15/12/14
Module: Term 2 - Foundation in Financial Management (FFM) &  Foundations in Taxation (FTX)
14 January Foundation in Financial Management 16 January Foundations in Taxation
21 Janaury Foundation in Financial Management 23 January Foundations in Taxation
28 January Foundation in Financial Management 30 January Foundations in Taxation
02 February Foundation in Financial Management 04 February Foundations in Taxation
09 February Foundation in Financial Management 11 February Foundations in Taxation
16 February Foundation in Financial Management 18 February Foundations in Taxation
23 February Foundation in Financial Management 25 February Foundations in Taxation
02 March Foundation in Financial Management 04 March Foundations in Taxation
09 March Foundation in Financial Management 11 March Foundations in Taxation
16 March Foundation in Financial Management 18 March Foundations in Taxation
23 March Foundation in Financial Management 25 March Foundations in Taxation
Course ends on 04 April 2015
Revision Classes Saturday from 10.00 - 17.00 p.m.
18 October Management Accounting 22 November Financial Accounting
08 November Management Accounting 06 December Financial Accounting
08 March Foundation in Financial Management 29 March Foundations in Taxation
14 March Foundation in Financial Management 04 April Foundations in Taxation

Start Dates: Monday, Wednesday from 29/09/2014 to 04/04/2015
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