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Career Opportunities

The ECDL, Office Administration, Professional Counselling and Job Seeking Strategy course will enable learners to take ownership of their career path and develop a job seeking toolkit and personal marketing plan for career resilience. Learners will re-define their career goals and align their personal skill set in light of the current employment environment and business opportunities. The workshops in Career Planning & Management, Personal Effectiveness, Communications & Marketing and Business Development Skills will provide participants with transferable and highly sought-after skills to avail of new employment opportunities or progress academically.


ECDL, Office Skills & Career Counselling Course

This ECDL, Business, Office Skills & Professional Career Counselling Course is designed for those at entry level or those who wish to upskill and/or change career.   It will enable participants to individually reassess their experience and expertise to date and realign their career goals with current employment and business opportunities.  The focus of the course for each participant is on the development of key computer and business skills and the career counselling module is tailored around the core career areas of job searches, up-skilling, sector/career change and work/life options.

Our experienced instructors share their extensive knowledge in a hands-on modern classroom environment. You will benefit from their insight, and acquire skills that have an immediate impact on your effectiveness to secure employment.   We provide a learning experience that ensures your training investment produces the results you  expect.


Entry to the ECDL, Business, Office Administration & Professional Career Strategy Course is open to all -School Leavers, Graduates, Women/Men returning to the workplace. 

Course Aim

The Aim of the ECDL, Business Administration & Professional Career Strategy Course:

Computer & Business Benefits

  • The Learner will gain the ECDL-European Computer Driving Licence - the world’s most successful IT skills certification programme with increased personnel effectiveness.
  • Gain the skills and knowledge to work effectively in a business environment using a wide range of Microsoft Office Applications - Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint and use the Internet effectively.
  • Provide excellent opportunities for progression to more advanced IT certification.
  • Appreciate the opportunities presented by social media and identify potential Job opportunities.
  • Provide the skills and knowledge to work effectively in a business environment  with excellent opportunities to progress career or academically. 

Principal Areas of Study

ECDL European Computer Driving Licence

  • Concepts of Information Technology
  • Computer Theory & Computer Environment
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database
  • Word Processing
  • Presentation
  • Information & Communications
  • The Internet


  • Keyboarding (Elementary – Intermediate 25-35  W.P.M)
  • Text Production / Input Text /Style and Layout
  • Production of Documents Speed and Accuracy

Career Planning & Management  
  • Learners will be familiar with sources of information about work opportunities and investigate and analyse current career opportunities through market research.
  • Evaluate current skills, training needs & develop a personal Job Seeking Tool Kit.
  • Develop and enhance your Curriculum Vitae under the guidance of professionals.
  • Learn how to be both confident and relaxed in an interview.
  • Provide the option to undertake a mock interview.
  • The importance of projecting the right image, using body language and non-verbal communication effectively.
  • Communicate effectively and give yourself the edge over other candidates when applying for a job.
  • Develop Personality Awareness.


A combination of module appropriate assessment procedures will facilitate the assessment of learning outcomes of the Business Administration course. These methods will include a combination of final written examinations and continuous assessment processes such as assignments, collection of work, learner records, projects and skills demonstration.


Graduates of the  course will be awarded:

  • FETAC Level 5 Component Certificate Text Production
  • ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence
  • DC Diploma in Career Planning & Management
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